What’s in my MECCA Beauty Loop Box !

What’s in my MECCA Beauty Loop Box !

As a makeup lover, getting new makeup is suuuch a satisfying feeling, but getting free makeup? Well, that just feels like Christmas every damn time! Even better if you’re a beauty loop member with Mecca, because Santa comes every quarter!

So of course last Saturday was one of those days where I went into Mecca to buy some setting sprays and the Smashbox primer water (which I am LOVING) and the lovely girl at the register slipped my beauty loop box into my bag.

Mecca Beauty Loop boxes can be such a hit or miss, but this box in particular was amazing! Hence why i’m doing a little review for each product! 


img_0887Tocca Stella Perfume sample

Stella Perfume by Tocca

To be totally honest with you, if I didn’t receive this sample I would have never even considered smelling this perfume let alone buying it. There was just something in the back of my mind telling me that it would smell like dust (don’t ask me why), but all I can do now is thank god that this sample found it’s way into my life because it is a game changer! It has just the perfect amount of blood orange and sandalwood seeping through it to make it smell so fresh, citrusy and revitalising! Definitely a new found favourite, and I’ve had so many comments from clients and colleagues at the office! Bonus!

If you like very fresh, citrusy smells, definitely spray some of this next time you see it in store!

STILA Stay All Day liquid lipstick – Rubino

The next lovely little piece received was the STILA stay all day liquid lipstick in the shade Rubino. As you would assume, Rubino is a lovely warm toned ruby red and it smells like vanilla!

This is my fourth liquid lipstick from this particular range, because they last all day… like literally, all day. These liquid lipsticks do not budge or melt at all so if you need a long wearing lipstick definitely try on one of these!

The only possible con I have for these is that they can be quite drying on the lips, so I always like to put on some lip balm and make sure my lips are nice and hydrated before applying.


Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced

Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara is a cult favourite, and i’m willing to bet that either you have heard of it or that you know someone that does! And while I still prefer the later option, this mascara is absolutely fantastic!

It really defines and volumises my lashes like crazy without turning clumpy or flakey throughout the day. I can definitely see why it has such a hype about it, and the pink packaging with a cheeky name? Too Faced really hit the nail on the head with this one.

Dr Dennis Gross C + Collagen cream

Now this is probably the product I was most excited to try once I had opened my beauty loop box, simply because it is a skincare product as opposed to a makeup product, and at the moment I am trying to find new skincare items to add to my collection.

Dr Dennis Gross products have a pretty good reputation about them, one of my friends also swears by their products so I had high hopes for this guy! Obviously, this little packet only has enough for one use, and I was not disappointed. I used it this morning on my face and neck and it left my skin feeling so soft. It was also nice to notice that it absorbed into my skin really quickly and easily because I tend to have a lot of trouble with certain products absorbing. So far so good, but I think for these types of products (and skin care products in general) you really need to test it out a few times to see how it develops your skin, so this may be something I look into purchasing later down the track.

Until next time,

Love, Angela xx


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