2017 Goals

Hello everyone! I cannot believe how fast 2016 has flown by! A new year brings new hope and fresh beginnings for many of us and of course, the cliché new years resolutions!

2016 Year Review!

Hello everyone! Firstly, let me take a moment to apologise to Kylie Jenner for the extreme amount of doubt I had when she made her predictions on 2016 because let’s be honest, Kylie Jenner had the most…

The Secret To Being Sexy!

I once read that there is a specific soulfulness to sexy. That hotness is a little more vapid and temporary, whereas sexy is wildly emotional and raw. Sexuality is at the core of who we are…

Summer Date Ideas

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and enjoying the Christmas holidays! Summer has arrived and summer lovin’ is definitely on my mind! Here I have listed some fun summer date ideas for you…

Top Ten Christmas Movies! 

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go… Especially in the lounge room, on the couch and on the big screen. To amp up the Christmas spirit I love to wind down

Retail Therapy: Fashion Haul!

Sales Sales and more Sales seem to be the theme in Melbourne shopping centres this week because I have spent the past three days in a row going on an absolutely crazy shopping spree!