Mega List of Cruelty Free Cosmetic Brands.

Mega List of Cruelty Free Cosmetic Brands.

Once upon a time testing on animals was quite the norm but thankfully as time is progressing, technology is advancing and ethics are coming more and more into play, a plethora of companies are finding new ways to create safe cosmetics without the need to harm or test on any animals in the process. In fact I’m sure you would be quite surprised by how much cruelty free makeup is already in your collection!

However some countries – we’re ALL looking at you China – still require testing on animals for a cosmetic product to be sold to the public and unfortunately some companies still choose to sell their products there for a multitude of different reasons. One can assume that the main reason is for profit, because China is such a large market but other companies like NARS who were once known as a cruelty free brands believe that they must be a part of china to help change their system. I mean, the jury is out on their reasons but it has definitely left quite a sour taste in their loyal customers mouths and if you look on their Instagram page you will see that ever since their announcement to sell in China – back in June last year – every single image is riddled with complaints.

Whatever their reasons may be, it’s always good to support cosmetic companies that are doing the RIGHT & HUMANE thing because they deserve it, andwill hopefully pave the way for eventually all cosmetic brands.

So without further ado here are 150 cruelty free makeup and cosmetic companies!

150 Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

*Note: Some companies listed are cruelty free however they are owned by parent companies who may not be. Some people argue that you are still supporting a company that tests on animals if you buy from their brands but that is a completely personal decision. I have marked such companies that are owned by a non cruelty free parent company with an asterisk for your deliberation.

To check if a company is selling cruelty free makeup either research their website, contact their support team and/or feel free to use the PETA cruelty free search engine (here).


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