My De-Stress & Pamper Routine.

My De-Stress & Pamper Routine.

Bra is off, hair is up, and your girl here is about to throw herself a MAJOR pamper day!

Now that the Christmas mayhem is finally done and dusted with for 2017 I’m sure it’s fair to say that we could all use a little self care & TLC right about now.  I mean, the craziness on the roads alone this past month almost had me retreating to the corner of a dark room to rock back and forth like a crazy woman, but nonetheless I survived and I figured that now would be the perfect time to share with you the things that I like to do when i’m in need of a good ole’ pamper sesh!

Pamper Routine

Time to log off.

The first thing that i’m going to be doing today is logging off my social media accounts and distancing myself from my phone to really allow myself to disconnect from everything else and just focus on me in the now. I did touch on this point briefly back in my September goals (here) because it’s crazy to think just how much of my life revolves around technology and social media – from my banking, to my blog, hell even our front door lock is only able to be opened through an app on our phones – so it’s really important to me that I remove myself from all of these things every once in a while.

Bath time baby

Ohhhhhhhhhh lord I am so excited for this one! On a normal day I would just jump straight in the shower but there is something so luxurious about jumping in the tub and soaking in hot water until it goes cold. Okay, maybe not fully cold, but you catch my drift.

But on the rare days that I have to take it up a level because im in desperate need of some spa like retreat in my own home I will bring out all the trimmings. I’m talking bath bombs, Epsom salts, candles burning, a book and maybe even a glass of bubbly! Heck, if you got rose petals? throw them in the water for bonus points and let your stress steam itself away.

PS. If you get the chance, chuck on a face mask and also try to wash your hair. There is something SO therapeutic about having fresh and clean hair, well for me anyway!

Do an activity that doesn’t involve a screen!

Don’t just pamper your body, pamper your mind. Go for a walk! Read a book! Or be like me and do some painting! I am by no means a Picaso but watercolour painting is something that I used to absolutely love back when I was a teenager, so recently I have been getting back into it when I have some spare time.

Once I’ve done some painting I think I might read a book depending on the time. Lately I have had such a fascination with Philippa Gregory’s novels – The tudor series and the Cousins at War series in particular – because I find the royal history sooo interesting and those time periods are just my favourite to read about, so I was extremely lucky when my lovely my co-worker Deb got me ‘The Red Queen’ last week as a parting gift, I can’t wait to get stuck into it!

Catch some Beauty Sleep.

I for one hate napping during the day because it makes me feel lazy and unproductive but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girl’s got to do. If I can’t fall asleep I like to lay down in bed with some background music playing on my iphone(I absolutely LOVE the sound of water treakling down a creek or river for when i’m trying to relax). Spotify is ace for this type of stuff because they have plenty of meditation playlists that I can quickly search up and play.

Also a heavy or weighted blanket is a must for me! As a gal who suffers with anxiety having a weighted blanket on my bed makes a world of a difference and not only gives me a deeper sleep but it can literally calm me down almost instantly if i’m having a bad day, so if you are stressed out or suffer from anxiety like me then maybe try using your heaviest blanket and you might find that you get a deeper sleep and feel more refreshed!

What are your favourite things to do to help unwind and pamper yourself?

Until next time,

Love, Angela xx.



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