Top 5 Festive Red Lips.

Top 5 Festive Red Lips.

There’s no denying that there is quite a magic that surrounds Christmas – the tree lined streets glisten with lights that weren’t there a month ago, the radio is playing songs from your childhood and neighbours are trying to out do each other with their displays. oh yes, Christmas is never quiet around the world.

With that though comes the stress of Christmas shopping, the sore backs and crooked necks from hanging up lights in corners of the house that you’ve never really paid much notice to and the dreaded shopping centre war zone car park, which got me thinking about the simplest little things that help me navigate the pre-christmas day bonanza and make me feel like a Christmas queen. The top of my list? Red lips of course.

A woman with red lips is unstoppable. In fact, I might even say that it is a woman’s war paint. No one can mess with me when I have my red lips on. I feel like a boss bi*tch and all kinds of chic, sexy, sophisticated, fun and … oh yeah, festive! I mean, red & green are like literally the most traditional Christmas colours out there right?! So here are my top 5 red lips for the festive season!


1. ‘Lady Balls’ Too Faced.

Everyone has ‘their red’ that perfect shade. For me, it is the Too Faced liquid lipstick in Lady Balls. Perfectly adequate name too. This red is so vibrant, crisp, warm and to put it simple a true fire truck red ! This formula is heavenly, and whilst I do need to top up throughout the day like any red lipstick, I don’t really have to stress about it looking terrible if i leave it for a little longer.

2. ‘Fiery’ STILA.

Another badass red with a badass name. Fiery is the deeper, darker, richer older sister to too Faced’s Lady Balls, and she smells better too. No really, this lipstick smells D I V I N E.
The STILA liquid lipstick formula’s are my absolute favourite! Super long wearing, super comfortable and they just do not budge which is a god send, especially for red lips.

3. ‘Rubino’ STILA.

I wasn’t kidding when I said that the STILA lipsticks are the bomb, and this one smells freaking amazing too.

Titled rubino as you would expect for a ruby-ish red (although, personally I see it as more of a garnet) this colour is so gorgeous. Leaning more towards the darker, vampier plum side of things, this lipstick would be the perfect choice for someone who is a little too intimidated for the fire-truck-in-your-face-BAM red but still wanting that oomph.

4. ‘Mary Jo K’ Kylie Cosmetics.

Your girl Kylie gets a mention this christmas because this lip kit is F I R E – why do I keep separating my letters when i’m e x c i t e d….. sorry not sorry.

She may be copping a lot of flack lately for her makeup brushes and their price point, but you got to give credit where credit is due, because the way she has built this almost billion dollar empire out of one of her biggest insecurities growing up (her lips) is inspiring and her lip kits are a cult favourite.

Another fiesty vibrant red that looks good on pretty much all skin tones, with a cool street cred and the comfiest lip liner you will ever use? Yeah, better add that to your shopping cart and check out asap.

5. ‘More Better’ Colour Pop

Recently I have been branching out into the colour pop world because a) they’re so damn cheap and b) they have soooooo many pretty colours, like ‘More Better’. The perfect matte wine colour for your lips. Mmmm… wine anyone?


… Can you believe that I got through this blog post without mentioning MAC’s Ruby Woo onc- oh wait, I just did…. haha, oops! Not in my top 5 but it’s definitely worth a mention if you want to feel like a total beauty blogger.

What is your favourite war paint lippy for the festive season?

Until next time,

Love, Angela xx.


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