A Lush Christmas

A Lush Christmas

Now that Christmas is finally here it comes with cheerful songs, cozy movies and a new Lush Christmas collection.

Every year Lush release a magical slew of products from bath bombs and soap bars to shower jells and jelly’s, and of course this year is no different! So I drove off to my local LUSH store and picked out my festive favourites to share with you!

  • Christmas Sweater
    The cutest little pink bath bomb with two reindeer on it just like a christmas sweater! To be totally honest with you I don’t really go through and pick these bath bombs for their properties, I literally go by what is the cutest (for bath bombs anyway) and this one just HAD to go into my little lush bag!
  • Butterbear 
    Who doesn’t want a bloody cute little Butter(Polar) Bear for themselves! Celebrating Christmas in summer is nice but every now and then you just crave a traditional white and cold Christmas just so you can light the fire, make frosty the snowman and wear ugly Christmas sweaters haha.. well I do anyway! So bringing this little Butterbear home is a little way to enjoy a white Christmas from the comforts of my bath!
  • The Magic of Christmas
    Every bloggers favourite, The Magic of Christmas is just the most beautiful bubbly bar that I have ever seen, AND it’s reusable! I truly do think that this is a perfect little gift or stocking filler for someone or even for yourself.
  • Golden Wonder
    Okay, the Golden Wonder is definitely the biggest bath bomb I have EVER seen! I mean, look at it!

There are so many other christmas bits and bobs at Lush this year that I really wanted to get like The Snow Angel bath melt and The Snowman bubbleroon but I couldn’t get to them with the crowds in store – nonetheless you definitely should because they are gorgeous!

What are your favourite Lush products? I’m always looking for something new to try but can get a little overwhelmed in there because everything looks and smells so good!

Until next time,
Love, Angela xx.


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