Smoothie Chats

Smoothie Chats

Hi pumpkins! With a day full of deadlines and copious amounts of work to be done, stopping off half way through for brunch is the practical thing to do right? Not.

Yet alas here I am anyway, telling you about how I ended up sitting down with my cacao smoothie bowl from Zesty Corner Bar in Melbourne’s south east with my boyfriend, chatting away about needing to get shit done whilst not actually doing anything to get said shit done.

You see, I woke up like a maniac at 6am and jumped straight onto my imac to get a head start on my final assignment that was totally not due today (totally was), until IĀ received a call from mum at about 10am to go and help her out around her house. Thinking I would only be out for half an hour at the most, I quickly got dressed at a very sub standard level (i’m talking leggings, a sweater and a messy bun)Ā and headed over.

Next thing that I know, I’m looking at my watch and it’s close to 2pm! My day of deadlines that initially seemed achievable then took a stressful turn. With a physio appointment at 4 and then my PT session at 5 I had a grand total of two hours to get home finish my work and submit it before I needed to race out the door again.

So I managed to leave mum’s and head home, I got to the end of my mum’s street until my phone started singing away and my boyfriend wanted to chat. Now, if you have read my blog for a little while you may have realised that I’m very easily influenced and it takes very little to convince me to go out, especially if it involves food, so naturally I flicked on my indicator and headed to town.

THANK GOD I got up early.

I had been meaning to check this smoothie bar out for ageeees because their smoothie menu and fresh juices sound amaaaaze, plus I LOVE the way the shop is set out with fun yellow tiling against black accents on the decor.

Zesty Bar Corner
Thankfully the food did not disappoint and the staff were SO nice – I had a choccy bowl and Haden had a triple treat mango smoothie.

Anyway, I managed to get it all submitted it in perfect time and headed off to my appointments. I kind of wish I had enjoyed my time sitting in the sun at Zesty corner a little more without stressing over the time but hey, that just means I will have to go back again!

Until next time,

Love, Angela xx.


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