Transitioning your winter wardrobe to spring

Transitioning your winter wardrobe to spring

Is it cold, or is it warm? Who can tell at the moment because the bloody weather is all over the place trying to adjust to spring, which of course leaves us doing the exact same thing except with the pieces of clothes that we wear! I am going to be the brave one and say it, but seriously spring fashion has to be the most difficult season to style, well for me anyway. Summer is easy, Autumn I’m sure is almost everyone’s favourite season for style, and of course all you need for winter is a thick jumper and a dark lip and you’re good to go, but spring? Well it’s all of those seasons mushed together leaving us with unexpected surprises for a few weeks on end!

I have suffered through a few embarrassing moments and questionable looks in my past but I dare say that I pretty much have it down pat now, so to save you from having a total social suicide moment – a la mean girls – I thought I would share with you my tips and tricks and do’s and don’ts on transitioning your winter wardrobe into spring!

Tip 1: Ditch the boots and say hello to flats!

Now that it’s spring I think it is safe to say that it is time to put those gorgeous knee or even thigh high boots into storage and switch it up into a nice pair of flats! I am a HUGE lover of flats since I suffer from enough back problems as it is without the added worry of wearing stilettos every day so these are a god send, plus you can find some really lovely pairs out there that don’t look to childish at all!
Wearing a pair of flats as opposed to boots its going to make your overall aesthetic so much lighter and can also create the illusion of slimmer legs as you haven’t got any added material around your pins.

Tip 2: Learn to love the cardigan

Nanna-ish? Maybe, but oh so perfect for the start of spring! Just like switching away from boots, wearing a cardigan as opposed to a thick woolen jumper is going to give an overall lighter look, plus they are so helpful when the morning starts of chilly and turns into an unexpectedly warm afternoon. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a thick top and sweating your way through the day.

Tip 3: Bring in the basics – Striped tees & light wash jeans

Stripes truly are spring’s best friend! Make like Ms. Poppy Deyes and pair a striped shirt with some blue jeans and you are good to go! The classic spring fashion uniform that can be perfectly casual or dressed up with with some fun accessories and a red lip! If it gets a little chilly, throw on a cardigan and you’re all aces!

Tip 4: Ditch the plums and bring out the nudes…(or pinks!)

Probably the easiest way to start transitioning your wardrobe without actually changing any items of clothing is to adjust your makeup. Most tend to opt for the darker and more richer colours in the cooler seasons such as plums and berries but stash them away and start to bring out a lovely nude or you could even start experimenting with shades of peach and pink etc.

Tip 5: Show some leg!

Au revoir stockings, it”s time to shave off that pesky winter layer of untouched leg hair and expose your pins to the world! Now i’m not saying jump straight into to hot pants and bikini’s just yet but start throwing on a skirt here and there and ditch the layers underneath. 

What are your spring fashion tips? Share them in the comments below!

Until next time,

Love, Angela xx.


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