Estelle and Thild Review – Cleanser & Moisturiser

Estelle and Thild Review – Cleanser & Moisturiser

Hi Pumpkins! If you haven’t noticed by the three consecutive posts I am attempting, key word here is attempting, my first ever Blogtober! So hopefully I am going to have a new post up every single day this month, and today I wanted to share with you a review on the Estelle and Thild Biocleanse multi action cleansing gel and the Biohydrate Total Moist Day Lotion.

The newest additions to my skin care products, I picked up these babies on Sephora online (here) while looking for a new moisturiser. You guys know that I am a ride or die lover for the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturiser but I had run out and frankly I couldn’t be bothered heading into the shops so I decided I wanted to try something new that could be delivered right to my lazy bottom at work!

Note: Estelle and Thild products are certified organic & cruelty free!

So let’s firstly get into the Biocleanse Multi Action Cleansing Gel!

How much does it cost? $ 33.00 AU
Where did I purchase? Direct link here.

Estelle and Thild Biocleanse Cleanser
Okay, so the first thing that I wanted to talk about is the packaging since it’s the first thing that we see! Like all Estelle and Thild products the packaging is super cute and very simple with a white background and a one colour pattern with a lovely baby blue leaf pattern all over it and a screw top lid. Whilst I do prefer the standard flip cap lids on cleanser I was pleasantly surprised to see something different.

Moving away from the packaging, let’s talk about the product itself!

Infused with Black Elderflower this cleanser claims to help detox the skin whilst also being designed to eliminate dead skin cells and wash away impurities, revealing a balanced and silky smooth complexion, and I can totally vouch for it!

Taking a 20 cent piece sized amount of product in my hands I gently massaged it all over my skin, taking my time for at least a full 30-60 seconds to allow the product to get into my pores, noting it’s light and summery scent. Afterwards my skin felt like it could breathe! It honestly felt so soft and clean and it didn’t feel overly dry at all and after using it for two weeks I have definitely noticed a difference in my oils and my skin is definitely more balanced and de-congested.

I used this for 2 weeks before writing up my review so I could get a really good feel for it and I can honestly say that this cleanser has really helped balance out and clear my skin! I would recommend this for someone with normal to combination skin or a young girl who is wanting to start jumping in with skin care.

Biohydrate Total Moisture Day Lotion

How much does it cost? $ 47.00 AU
Where can I buy it from? Direct link here.

Estelle & Thild Biohydrate moisturiser
Once again the packaging is super simple and cute with the white background and pink leaves like all Estelle and Thild products, however what I like most about this packaging in particular is that this moisturiser is in a pump tube made of a sturdy plastic as opposed to a jar or something flimsy, making it perfect for travelling!

With a lightweight consistency that could easily be compared to a luxurious body milk, the Biohydrate day lotion (moisturiser) glides over the skin with one pump and is very quickly absorbed leaving my skin feeling perfectly tight and supple. Infused with hyaluronic acid and a blend of Pink Pomelo and Licorice Extract this moisturiser has left my skin feeling so much more hydrated and radiant as it said it would.

I would like to mention that just like the cleanser it definitely does have a scent to it, but it is nowhere near as strong and all but disappears once its absorbed into your skin.

I would rate the moisturiser 3.5/5 and would definitely purchase again simply because of their price point and I love the fact that they aren’t just reliable skin care products that really do exactly as what they advertise, but they are eco friendly and cruelty free.

Estelle & Thild Biocleanse cleaser and Biohydrate moisturiser
Until next time,

Love, Angela xx.


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