September Goals

September  Goals

September has arrived and with it comes a new season, Spring! I am just SO excited for spring to make its way back into town and to prepare for the fresh start in life that I’m going to use it as I thought I would share with you a cheeky lil’ list of my September goals to kick-start the new season off right!

Here are my 5 goals for September!

3 blog posts per week!

Blogging has become something that I have truly found a passion for and I know that I’ve said this to myself many times before, but I would really like to commit myself to posting three times per week. Minimum.

I still need to figure out which days work best for posting because I really can’t decide between either Monday, Wednesday and Friday (AU) or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to reach different audiences (UK & US), but I suppose it is something I will have to learn by trial and error.

If you have any preferences, let me know in the comments what days and where you are from!

Read 4 books

Boy I love books, it’s really as simple as that, but I must admit I’ve been getting so slack on actually reading them on a regular basis and that needs to change.

So this September I have set out to read 4 books – one per week.
Currently I have The Duchess by Danielle Steele to finish up and desperately hoping to get stuck into Philippa Gregory’s Plantagenet & Tudor novels because they look like they would be right up my street and I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about them.

Work out three times per week

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I really need to get my butt back into a workout routine desperately. Three days a week I think is an easy start and definitely something I can manage.

Loose 2kg

Following on from my goal above, I would ideally like to lose 2kg (4lbs). I know it doesn’t seem like much but no matter how hard I have tried my body has just sat pretty at its current weight of 74kg (163lbs). So as opposed of going straight into my overall goal of dropping 10kg (22lbs) I figure small goals along the way will be more rewarding!

Pls pray for me considering I’m writing this whilst eating a hot dog *waaahhh*.

Take lunch to work everyday

Now this one is probably what I will struggle with the most! Most days at work I will head down to the delicious bakery or organic shop to grab some food for lunch – but doing it everyday is seriously not good for my bank account, and being a bakery full of custard tarts and delicious sweets, it sure as hell ain’t good for my body either.
So my goal for September is to take lunch to work every day!

Do you have any goals for September?

Until next time,
Love, Angela xx.


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