The Sunday Check In – Issue 1

The Sunday Check In –  Issue 1

Hi Pumpkins!

I’m not really sure how I’m going to start this series of blog posts or what I’m even going to title them, but I thought that once a week I would maybe do a cheeky little life update and share with you guys a weekly roundup of things that I have been loving! I’ll figure out a rhythm to these posts as I go but for the minute I seriously just want to get started on it!

Firstly, let’s start with the most exciting thing to have happened this week.. I found out that I am a British citizen! Yep, this Aussie gal is lucky enough to have dual nationality due to my mum being born in the UK! So her nationality gets passed down to me, which was a huge shock because I had spoken to the embassy last year and they had said that I had no entitlements for any form of VISA or passport because my father wasn’t from the UK. I just took their word for it – thinking that it was totally sexist and backward – and left it at that, but obviously whoever I spoke to had no clue what they were talking about because 6 months later I’ve found out that they were completely wrong.

The only reason that I questioned this again was because I follow a lot of news pages on Facebook and late last week there was a bit of drama regarding members of parliament being stood down due to being dual citizens without knowledge. Reading into the articles further, I realised that the whole thing completely contradicted what I had been told by the HM Passport Office so I called them up again just for clarification and here we are now!

Growing up I had always entertained the idea of packing up my bags and going for an adventure around the UK, maybe even settling down there for a while but I never thought I’d actually be able to do it so easily, and even though I had thrown away the keys to that dream away months ago, it’s just made its way back into my life on its own so surely it’s a sign right?

The next big event that happened this week is that I have moved back in with my boyfriend at his family’s house! I won’t go into detail on why I had to leave my mum’s house but that being aside it was already so hard going from living together for 2 years to not living together! His family has been so welcoming and accepting making this SO much easier for me, plus my man is over the moon.

With that being said I’ve put down a 12 month goal to either have a deposit on a house or enough funds to go abroad by this time next year! I mentioned in a blog post some time ago that I had paid off all of my debts, and this week we paid off all of his so every single dime is being stashed away now! Fingers crossed it all works out!

Moving on from that, I tried my first vanilla chai latte on Saturday and oh my goodness it was delicious! I will admit, I got way too excited when I discovered that these where a huge yes from me, it’s almost like a had mini flashes in my head of all the cute coffee dates with the girls I can actually enjoy now without feeling like that total dickhead with a hot chocolate, and not to mention the copious amounts of pretentious insta snaps featuring a cuppa… ah yes, the superficial life of a millennial haha!

I still have to work out how to get the rest of my furniture from my mum’s house to here and I really want to look into developing my blog a little more. I have joined so many blogging community groups on Facebook and everyone is just so lovely that it’s really motivated me and reignited my love of this cozy lil’ spot on the web!

Otherwise, work is work and not a hell of a lot else has happened if I’m being totally honest with you, so I might just leave it here until next week!

Until next time,
Love, Angela xx.



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