Beauty Essentials: Winter 2017 edit

Beauty Essentials: Winter 2017 edit

Hey babes,

Another day, another post and today I’m going to be listing out my current beauty essentials for Winter! Our environment and weather has such a huge effect on our skin and how our makeup applies so it is very important (in my opinion anyway) to make sure that I am switching up my products depending on what my skin needs at the time.

Neutrogena HydroBoost Water Gel Moisturiser

For winter my skin tends to dry out much more than it would it summer due to winds, the cold and obviously less sweat so a super hydrating moisturiser is important for winter mornings and nights.

I have really been loving the Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel moisturiser for the mornings! This is like a tub of magic because I’ve found that it continues to hydrate my skin throughout the day, not just when I put it on my face in the morning.

A very similar moisturiser that I have been such a ride or die fan of is the Clinique Moisture Surge extended thirst relief moisturiser but this is very similar for like a third of the price. Bonus!

Smashbox Photo Finish Water Primer!

Keeping in with my point of making sure my skin is fresh and hydrated, I purchased the Smashbox Primer Water spray.

If I am being honest, I really did think that this was going to be a total gimmick but I purchased it nonetheless knowing I could return it if I didn’t like it and thank god I did because IT IS NOT A GIMMICK! Yep, she’s the real deal! I freaking love this product!

I spray this on after I have let my moisturiser sink into my skin and boom, my makeup sticks on sooo nicely and leaves my skin just looking fresh! It does leave an ever so slightly tackiness to my skin once it’s set but that is (i’m assuming) what will help your makeup stay on all day. Definitely recommend!

Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation

Recently I have found myself reaching for my Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation! I love that it is a stick foundation because it’s just so easy to apply and travel with, plus it is full coverage to the max. Very comfortable on the skin and I have had no issues whatsoever with its longevity. In summer I tend to opt for lighter coverage products like a BB cream.

Too Faced liquid lipstick in ‘Lady Balls’

I don’t care if it’s cliche but you simply can’t beat a red lipstick for the cooler months in Autumn & Winter. Finding the right shade of red can be hard because there are just so many too choose from but I really like Too Faced’s liquid lipstick in ‘Lady Balls’. It’s so vibrant and it’s a nice stand out red without being too warm toned or cool toned!

Revlon Sculpt & Highlight Contour Kit!

It definitely isn’t a high end product but don’t be put off! This little guy has been such a life save for me this winter! I really like the banana powder on the quad, it does have a little kickback in the pan but other than that it feels so nice on my skin without it looking cakey or extra dry. The bronzer is really nice also for warming up my face since its so pale during winter. But for my, the highlight is actually what I love the most to use in winter on a day to day basis.Highlight is definitely the trend of the minute, well really it’s probably been the last 12 months that highlighters have been going crazy and generally speaking the more standout it is the more popular it seems to be, but this highlighter isn’t showstopping. It isn’t in your face. It’s just a nice wearable and casual dusting of glow for the high points of your face!

I have been loving this for work because it gives me a lovely natural glow without bringing attention to any texture I have on my skin or looking powderish.
My skin definitely gains a little more texture in winter so this highlight has been awesome. It probably won’t do anything special for you if you love blinding highlights, but if you’re going to wear makeup to school or work and want something minimal and not too stand out I would 100% recommend this!

Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser!


I had the most love-hate relationship with fake tan. I would put it on before bed and then wash it off the next morning to be greeted by this tanned badass b*tch in the bathroom mirror, aka me (with a tan, duh!).
The next few days would be incredible. I would take on the world like I was in charge and ready for anything, all up until it started to look a little patchy and it was ready for a fresh coat.

It’s just such a hassle and I normally don’t bother because I literally hate going through the whole process of scrubbing my skin until its red to take my fake tan off and to re-apply. Like sure, I will feel and look amazing for a few days but is it really worth that time and effort scrubbing like a mad man? Probably. I just really hated doing it.
Until the Bondi Sands tan eraser made it’s way into my life!

A relatively new product, I picked it up at my local Priceline store and prayed to the tanned goddesses that it would actually work, and apparently my prayers were answered!! I lather it all over my body and let it sit for 5-10 minutes then just wipe down my body with little to no effort in the shower with a flannel and boom! it’s all gone and i’m ready for a new layer! I’m not even kidding, this literally takes maybe half an hour out of my fake tan routine, plus it also leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft which is surprising because my initial thought was that it would leave my skin feeling rather dry.

I haven’t tried this on any other brand of fake tan such as St. Tropez or Loving tan, but it works wonders for the regular Bondi Sands tanning mousse in dark. If you’re a tanning gal, then check this out!!

And thus concludes my makeup essentials for Winter! There are so many other products that I love for this season but these are ones you wont catch me without!’

What are you essentials for Winter?

Until next time,
Love, Angela xx


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    August 22, 2017 / 9:27 am

    i haaave to try that hourglass foundation ive heard such good things about it!

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