Melbourne’s Hidden Gem || Coolart Wetlands & Homestead

Melbourne’s Hidden Gem || Coolart Wetlands & Homestead

Picturesque gardens? Check. Hauntingly beautiful manor house? Check. Great spot for a picnic with friends? Check !!

My new year resolutions for 2017 were to say yes to more opportunities and to do things that are slightly out of the ordinary more often, so when my friends and I decided to make the most of a sunny Sunday in August and adventure down to the Coolart Wetland Gardens & Homestead for a picnic and to explore I was in my bursting with excitement!


We left my house at quarter past 12 in the afternoon and drove for just over half an hour down the peninsula on what seemed like never-ending tree-lined roads past bittern and through to Sommers we finally were met by staff members at the gates guiding us through to where we would need to park.

After eating like ravenous children on an assortment of fairy bread – hell yes!- chocolate dipped strawberries and veggie sticks, we found ourselves making our way through the front door of the house, instantly making me feel like I belonged in a Jane Austin novel.

My favourite room for sure was the pink bedroom, and although the paint was peeling and the ceiling had cracks, the pink walls and fireplace were so unexpected that I instantly fell in love… and I’m not a pink girl!!


This place is just so b e a u t i f u l, but of course to me all houses with history and picture perfect gardens just ooze magic.

Most of the house was blocked off from public viewing so we went outside to explore the gardens. I found it so interesting how you could be walking in a green lush garden with tall oak trees tricking your mind into thinking that you’re somewhere in the set of Outlander and the next minute finding yourself in cornfields, but to be honest it kind of added to the excitement because you didn’t really know what you would find next.



Originally we had planned to see the house and enjoy a picnic for an hour or so and head off to Aschombe maze and lavender gardens but we ended up spending the majority of the day here instead!

If you’re looking for somewhere different to have an adventure in Melbourne, check this place out! it’s free entry and they have a lovely little op shop hidden behind the house!


Until next time,

Love, Angela xx



  1. August 16, 2017 / 12:45 pm

    that loked like do much fun and now i want a pink room lol

  2. August 16, 2017 / 3:50 pm

    I love finding hidden gems when on the road traveling!

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