Life Update! Work, Studying, Blogging etc

Life Update! Work, Studying, Blogging etc

Hello? It’s me! ….Angela?
Don’t worry, I’ll forgive you if you completely forgot who I was considering it has been 2 months…. yes, two long months since I have posted, let alone even logged in to WordPress.


So much has happened in that time. If you can remember, earlier this year I moved back into my mum’s house to start really putting more money away to buy a house with my boyfriend and honestly, I hate it! I LOVE living with my mum but I hate the lack of freedom and independence I had when I lived out of home. Since I’ve moved back in here I haven’t really been able to keep into my own routine because I obviously don’t want to disrupt mum’s routine so I just kind of make my way and fit everything around her schedule which totaaallly isn’t working well for me. Like, she has dinner cooking and ready by 6-6:30 and if its not on the table or i’m not eating by then (god bless her temper) she will get so angry! So there goes my 6pm & 6:30pm gym classes and going out with friends after work. Right on out the door.

Essentially, I’m back to living with the restrictions of a 12 year old but just add on the adult responsibilities.

Then to add in a little extra something to my schedule I have started studying! Since i’m home and not paying rent, I’ve decided to start following my dreams and studying  towards being a teacher! I’m starting off with a Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care and then i’ll head into university! Woohooo!

Of course with this, comes placement so I had to talk to my boss and *thaaankfully* he has agreed to drop me down to part time. So now i’m working four full 9am-5pm days at the office and Wednesdays I have placement! Unlikely for me though I’ve had a really bad run (health wise) and I’ve missed out on so much work and placement that it’s starting to stress me out. But I know it’ll all get sorted some how!

Wow, I forgot how almost therapeutic this was, maybe I should vent a little on here more often hey! Even though I’ve listed the stuff that is frustrating me, it hasn’t been for nothing! Now I have completely paid out my loans and credit card and this girl here is now – for the first time in over 2 years – debt free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Moving on, I have also started watching Bates Motel! Ummm firstly, can someone tell me why it has taken me so long to discover this incredible show?! I’m so hooked! and there is nothing more satisying than finding a good TV show that has a solid 5 SEASONS already available! hellloooooooo binge watching!

Freddie Highmore’s and Vera Farmiga’s acting in this is absolute perfection and the whole series is just straight up addicting. If I might even be so bold to say, it is kind of like the love child of American Horror Story & Riverdale. Of course, it is based on Norman Bates from the Psycho movie (which I’m going to be honest and tell you that I haven’t seen). So don’t be put off if you haven’t seen the Psycho movie because this series is super easy to watch without it!

I know that this post has really had no purpose or clear theme to it but I just wanted to jump on here real quick and let you know that I am alive and still here, and that I will be getting back in to the swing of things on my blog ASAP!

Until next time,

Love, Angela xx







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