A Day In The Life: No-Spend Weekend!

A Day In The Life: No-Spend Weekend!

Hello everyone!

After sitting down with my partner and working out a whole new budget we have decided to put my entire salary into savings and live off his income. This is a big step for us, because whilst he is a conservative spender (unless it involves computers) I am certainly not. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go out and buy crazy expensive things just for the sake of buying something crazy and expensive, but I go out for catchups with my girlfriends almost every single weekend and I will admit that I buy a lot of items that don’t necessarily cost much yet all add up.

I’m so happy to give this challenge a go and really make the most of this new budget because we are saving for our own house and I’m sure you’ve all heard about the ridiculous housing crisis in Melbourne and Sydney at the moment… We might as well buy a private jet and diamond Rolex at this rate instead because thats probably (not really) what you would pay for a 2 bedroom old shack in the skirts of town!

So this weekend – being the first weekend of the new budget – I have decided to go on a no spend weekend, and let me tell you I’m only 1.5 hours into this and I have an extremely large urge to order a restock of Slayla false lashes… UGHHH DO SEE WHAT I’M DEALING WITH?! I am my own worst enemy!!

My goal is to ultimately have at least one no spend weekend a month! All the coffee, brunches, catchup with friends and date nights out don’t seem expensive at the time but they really REALLY add up.

I figured I would blog this little adventure, not only will it give me something to do that won’t cost money, but it will maybe give some of you a little inspo or motivation to have a no spend weekend and see what you save!

Until next time,

Love, Angela xx

6:25am: Woke up extremely early for some reason, I don’t particularly know why, maybe it had something to do with the fact my bedroom curtain was slightly open and the sun was out and shining early today. Either way I allowed myself to lay in bed and properly wake up for 5 minutes or so before I picked up my phone to check the morning news and my notifications.

Unfortantely, this is the second time in three weeks that the first thing I have woken to is breaking news of a terror related attack in a beautiful city. The first was the Westminster incident involving a car running down people and stabbing a police officer.
Today, it was a hijacked truck that ran people down and drove through a shopping centre in Stockholm. I cried. It’s all getting a little too much, maybe I’m weak and a little more emotional than normal because its coming up to that time of the month, which I don’t doubt may be partial to why it broke me so much this morning, but with that and yesterdays news of the US airstrike and the chemical attack last week it just seems like its more common to wake up to an atrocious act of war than a feel good positive story.

6:50am: After all my notifications are cleared and I have checked up on the overnight news, I got dressed and made my bed. Something I don’t do every day before work but since it’s a weekend and I have no plans to go out it would be silly not too!


7:00am: Breakfast time! This morning I went ahead and made my favourite Blueberry smoothie and I decided to sit outside and eat my breakfast in the fresh air which I don’t usually do. Even though it was a little crispy in the fresh morning air it was exactly what I needed to start this weekend off. I don’t really think of just how often I am cooped up inside a room rather then out in the fresh air. On a basic day I get up, go to work in the office, drive home, go to gym, go to my boyfriends house for a bit and come home and sit with mum or jump on the computer. All of which is inside. So it was a nice change and I know my body definitely needed it.


7:30am: Time flies, because before I knew it half an hour had passed just reading outside and listening to everything around me. Now I’m here starting my blog and diary entries for the day!

8:00am: Fitness is key! I had originally planned to go to the morning boxing session at my gym but I decided on a long walk with the dogs instead! I must admit with my work schedule and other commitments I have been getting quiet slack on taking these two fur balls out for walks between Monday and Friday, and I probably only get them out of the house once or twice a week over the weekend, so today I thought it would be the perfect morning for a nice and long walk!

9:45am: After that killer walk (it’s all hills where I live) I jumped straight into the shower, popped on the bare minimum amount of makeup, brushed through my hair and drove off to my boyfriends house! We sorted out some details for our new budget and watched an episode or two of 13 reasons why…. oh my god, we are addicted!… and then headed out for lunch! Now the only reason this doesn’t count as me breaking the ‘no-spend’ rule is that my guy wanted to take me out, so technically he paid for it.


2:30pm: By now it’s 2:30 in the afternoon and I’m home! The sun was out and it was just a beautiful day for Autumn so I decided to jump in the garden and sweep up our driving courtyard and down the driveway lane. To be honest, the last time I did this I was probably 16 at the time. I’m so going to get out and help a little more in the garden.

3:30pm: Nap time! I mean, I can’t spend anything if I’m asleep right?

5:00pm: Man was that nap needed! I feel so damn good right now, and I’m totally rested for a full night of binge watching Netflix! Anyway, at 5 o’clock I jumped on my computer caught up on all of my youtube subscriptions and started listing out blog post ideas!


7:00pm: Dinner! To be honest, the rest of my night is pretty mundane, I steamed up some dimsims for dinner since our pork roast wasn’t fully defrosted yet and I’ve been blogging and watching Netflix for the rest of the time.


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