Your Guide To Getting Over A Breakup

Your Guide To Getting Over A Breakup

If I could give you a hug I would but all that I can do right now is let you know that even though it’s going to take some time – and plenty of tears – you will get through this. Until then here is my guide to getting over a breakup with as little regretful text messages as possible.


// Social Media Ban //

Do you reaaaally want to see Jackson out and about with his boys and a new lady by his side? My guess is no and trust me it won’t do you any good seeing it either.

After a grace period of a week or so cut him off on social media – Unfriend on facebook, Unfollow on insta and delete the texts girl! Having those reminders will only stir up emotions for the both of you and seeing something that you don’t necessarily want to see will only make the breakup worse. This step goes for both sides of the party – even if you’re not the heartbroken one.

*Side note: I did mention a grace period for a reason. Sometimes couples fight, breakup and then get back together so just trust me when I say that there is nothing more awkward than agreeing to take it slow and then having to explain the situation to your fam once they get a notification that your FB friends again.

// Grieve //

Let yourself be sad. Let yourself cry until you can’t cry anymore. This is a huge part of your life that has come to an end and it’s completely healthy to mourn the happy moments of your relationship, after all not all of it was bad. Put on Sex & The City, get yourself a tub of ice-cream and let yourself mourn over every little detail and moment of your relationship that you need to.

My only advice here is don’t let yourself get stuck in the wallows for too long because it is very easy to get stuck there. After two or three weeks it’s time to take a break with the heartbreak songs and tragic movies.

// Acceptance //

Once you have cried all you can and listened to so much Adele that you have practically changed nationality, think of the reasons why this needed to happen and why it could be a positive change. Don’t bother doing this while you’re still crying because chances are you will find it impossible to see anything that was wrong with something that you still want, but once you’ve had some time to take it all in you might just see something that you didn’t notice before, and that my dear is the first step to acceptance. Now you are ready to put on Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ – this will be your new bible.

// Distraction Baby //

Call your girlfriends, get a haircut and go and distract yourself! Whether it’s by going out to a trendy bar, jumping on another man or doing something as PG rated as strawberry picking at the local field, getting out and distracting yourself is going to save your life! It’ll be hard to start out with but the more you get out and do things the more you will get used to it, and before you know it you won’t shed a tear at that Taylor Swift song that carried you through the mourning stage.

// Start Fresh //

Your life is an adventure darling and now it’s up to you to start fresh! The world is your oyster, my love.


Until next time,

Love, Angela xx.


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