Essentials – The Autumn Edit

Essentials – The Autumn Edit

Hooray! Hooray! Get out your scarves and pumpkin spice from pantry because Autumn has arrived, and even though it’s still hot outside I am way too invested in this season to give a damn.

For me, the best thing about Autumn, or Fall if your from the other side of the pond, isn’t the crisp morning air or the burnt orange leaves falling down from the trees like snowflakes… it’s the fashion.

So are you ready for some delicious recipes? Cute Autumn inspired DIY projects and makeup looks? We’ll get yourself ready because I am on a mission!

Here are my Autumn essentials!

What are you most excited for this season? let me know in the comments section.

Until next time,

Love, Angela xx

  • Candles

    As Autumn comes around the nights get colder and darker each night making it the perfect time to light a candle or two and relax while their flames flicker away creating the most relaxing and cozy atmosphere you could ask for. Obviously, the more scented candles the better, but you do you, any candle works and instantly changes the mood of the room. Some of my favourite candle scents for the season are rich and warm, such as The Glass House Tahaa vanilla and caramel candle that we all lust over every time we walk into Peter Alexander or a nice cinnamon or pumpkin scented one. sweta-meininger-173174.jpg

  • Bath bombs

    Autumn is possibly the busiest season for Lush besides Christmas, and for good reason. Just picture it with me now… A warm bath on a cool winters night with lit candles creating dancing shadows on the walls and Michael Bublé playing in the background, aaah it looks like pure heaven to me and adding a luscious bath bomb into the equation is just a cherry on top!

  • Moisturiser

    Hand moisturizer, face moisturiser, feet moisturiser (actually, is there even such thing as a foot moisturiser?!) my point being is that Autumn is when I really start amping up my skin care routine, especially when it comes to hydration. This is the season where my hands start drying out, my already dry and cracked lips start cracking even more so and the crisp wind wreaks havoc on my skin. Ahhh, but it’s so worth it. A ride or die favourite face moisturiser for me is the Clinique Moisture Surge extended thirst relief but a nice alternative for that is the Neutrogena Hydroboost water gel moisturiser which is packed with hyaluronic acid.

    Now when it comes to hand cream, Of course you could use your average unscented hand moisturiser, but we aren’t basic on this blog. No. It must be a delicously scented hand cream to really relish in the glory of Autumn. A favourite of mine is the Ecoya Jacaranda & Plum hand cream!

  • Blankets

    You want to watch a movie and snuggle up on the couch, what is the first thing you grab to keep your legs and footsies warm? the cozy throw blanket! For me, this is a pretty self explanatory essential and I’m sure it is on everyones list for the exact same reason. You can be really fancy and use one of those portable electric blankets which are h.e.a.v.e.n. OR you can do what I do and just use the cozy throws that we keep on the couches.

  • Hot Chocolate

    I am somewhat hesitant to admit that I rarely drink teas and never drink coffee, so all those cute ‘coffee’ dates I go to with the girls I always feel like i’m missing out on something. Then Autumn comes around and saves the day. It is now not only socially acceptable to drink a cup of hot cocoa but it is even encouraged! No longer am I ordering my hot chocolate in a take away cup and commenting ‘oh my, this coffee is delicious!’ but I am proudly owning the fact that I’m drinking a hot chocolate with whipped cream and melting marshmellows! And besides, would you really feel complete snuggled up on the couch and watching a movie without a cup of hot cocoa? didn’t think so haha.anete-lusina-164795.jpg

  • Fluffy socks and slippers

    We all have a favourite pair or ticker fluffy socks that we wait to bring out and onto our feet when the days start getting colder. Not only are they like mini blankets for your feet, sometimes they make a cute look by peaking out so slightly over ankle booties!

  • Oversized sweaters

    We all love those cozy sweaters that we throw on too rug up, but i’m talking about those ones that are oversized to the point that they make a cute dress! pop on a pair of high boots and voila! A totally cozy and insta worthy outfit done with minimal effort!

  • Dark lipstick

    As a makeup addict i am not afraid to say that like every other girl in the world, autumn is my favourite time of the year to wear dark toned lips! The more plums, purples, reds and browns the better! Is it really fall without a berry lip on, you tell me. A favourite of mine is the STILA Stay All Day liquid lipstick in Aria *obssessed* and also MAC Party Lin img_0901

  • Boots!

    Following on from my love for oversized sweater dresses, a pair of boots – ankle high and thigh high – are the basis for almost every outfit that I wear for the season. They’re comfortable, stylish and keep your feet slightly off the ground which is perfect for when its raining and theres plenty of water on the footpath.


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