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You know that feeling when you are running late to work, forget your lunch and then are just having a totally unproductive day? You’d be lying if you said you didn’t, and I for sure can vouch that this is the type of thing that used to happen to me way to often!

Luckily, I realised that this issue wasn’t going to solve itself any time soon so I decided to take action and get my sh*t together! So here you have 10 extremely easy tips and recommendations to start taking the first steps in organising your life!

Leave your tips and tricks for keeping organised in the comments below!

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Love, Angela xx

10 ways to get organised!


  1. wake up half an hour earlier than normal

    Trust me on this one! It will take a few days to adjust but you will thank me for it later on! Setting your alarm half an hour earlier than you need to will give you time to yourself that you didn’t even realise you needed – an extra five minutes to really enjoy your breakfast, extra time to relax and a little bit of extra time for you body and mind to really get going for the day – leaving you ready for an action packed day at work!morre-christophe-121645

  2. Morning shower

    Having you shower in the morning will wake you up and give you a nice and fresh start to the day, putting you in the right frame of mind to tackle the days activities.0617150-2590-D31A-40AA13E0C516E4D7.jpg

  3. Start taking advantage of apps!
    Budgeting, health, alarms, you name it!

    With everything in your finger tips you would be absolutely crazy for not taking advantage of all the apps out the and even the ones pre-installed onto your smartphones/tablets etc. Utilise your calendar for upcoming events and reminders, use your notes to jot down your grocery list, download a budgeting app and start organising your finances! In a digital world that we are in now, it would be absolutely crazy not to use what is right in front of us! (not to mention 9 times out of 10 we have our phones within arms reach, so there’s no excuse!041916F-2590-D966-E2767DDFA2E4D424.jpg

  4. Start a savings account

    This one is easier said then done, even so everyone should open a savings account and put some money aside each pay for emergencies and the future! Even if its only one dollar or if its one thousand – so long as you have something to fall back on in case of the unexpected were to arise. For me, I set up an automatic transfer every pay day so that a certain amount of money goes into savings before I can even touch it, therefore I don’t really miss what I never had immediate access too!million-buck-cheque-1-1240470.jpg

  5. Create daily to do lists!

    Yes, I do realise this sounds geeky and I’m sure you rolled your eyes slightly when upon reading this point but I need to do this every single morning at work to really set out to achieve my goals… and nothing it more satisfying than crossing off the very last task! You don’t need a ridiculously expensive diary or anything fancy – just use a piece of scrap paper, sticky note or better yet, you’re phone/computer that you are working on!journal-791286_1280.jpg

  6. Get some Zzzzzz!

    Heard this before? for good reason! The average adult needs a minimum of 7-9 hours… and if you’re anything like me I really need at least 10 to function like a normal human being during the day! I know it’s so easy to stay up and keep working or getting things done around the house, but try and be conscience of when you will need to be up the next morning and aim for at least 8 hours of sleep. pillows-820149_1280.jpg

  7. Have 20minutes technology free a day!

    20 minutes doesn’t sound like long, but for some it can be without checking emails, notifications and messages from loved ones, but try and take 20 minutes out of your day and go without looking at your phone, or sitting down watching TV or on your computer! Your eyes and mind need it more than you think, and you’re stress levels ( even if you don’t think you are stressed) will drop dramatically! Try meditating, going for a walk or even read or write a story?ofadd5o8hpk-freestocks-org

  8. Force yourself to take the first step!

    No one ever wants to go to gym… okay that a lie, some people do, but EVERYONE has those days where they just totally can’t be bothered! Something I have taught myself to do is to actually force my butt into the car and through the front doors, and let me tell you something, every. single. time. I thank myself afterwards and say ‘well that was exactly what I needed’. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, taking the first step in anything you do is the hardest.906bbd9ec1510cfb6e3bd000d3374d56.jpg

  9. Meal Prep

    What a time saver this has become! Every Sunday I like to dedicate a few hours of the day to cook up my lunches for the working week ahead. This is going to save you SO much time, effort and cleaning on the daily but its also going to keep you on track to eating better, will stop any temptations for extra snacking and will be more cost effective! Figure out a day or time that works for you and prep away!greens-266560_1280.jpg

  10. clean as you go!

    Following on from my last point, clean as you go – especially in the kitchen! Try and keep your desk organised and put paperwork and all your stuff away after each task is done. Not only will it save you time cleaning up later on but it will also make a dramatic positive effect on your work ethic and quality!soap-1417687.jpg




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