30 Days of Self Improvement – Day 2!

30 Days of Self Improvement – Day 2!

Hello my loves!

Day 2 of the 30 days of Self Improvement challenge is to start a journal! Doing that on a blog is pretty easy considering it’s a blog! So I might as well just post what I did today on here? Yes?

My alarm went crazy at 7am this morning and the first thing I did was have a shower and put on some makeup – this was my look for the day!

Before I could get any time to make some breakfast for myself my mum had called me asking to be picked up from the local mechanics whilst her tyre’s were being changed. By now it’s almost 9am and I’d  just gotten home with mum and I’d boiled three eggs for breakfast – we were so immersed in our conversation of the new TV series ‘ The Crown’ – guys you absolutely need to watch this show! -that I totally forgot to cook any toast to go with them, but I had a Blueberry smoothie an hour later so I wasn’t too fussed.

I took mum home and went  back into packing my furniture up as I have been for the past few days and then dad came over to load his car up and take it off to mums for me. The next thing I know we were taking my 5 year old nephew to the shops for ice cream! Scotty had a rainbow flavoured ice cream from Wendy’s and I had a mint and chocolate chip cone!

By now it was 4pm in the afternoon and I went home and put two loads of washing on and hung them out to dry and headed to the gym for a gruelling leg workout with one of my best friends Jess!

All in all it was an amazing day and I am sure to sleep like a baby tonight!

Love, Angela.


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