30 Days of Self Improvement – Day 1.

30 Days of Self Improvement – Day 1.

Hello everyone!

I was scrolling through Pinterest – as I do every spare moment I get – and I came across a challenge, which I’m sure you can tell by the title of this post is the 30 days of self improvement challenge!

After an absolutely draining weekend with a family emergency and meeting that went from 9am through till 10:30pm, and then continuing on to move half of my house to my mum’s today, I have been sitting here for the past hour feeling like complete rubbish about everything, including myself!

So seeing this post was a god send! 

I will be posting and completing every challenge on my blog and I nominate anyone who reads this to do the same!

DAY 1 – Share something that you are proud of today!

Today, I am proud of my parents.

After an extremely tumultuous separation and a family meeting from hell yesterday, they both put their differences aside for the entire day to help me move my house ¬†back to my mum’s.
From 8am in the morning dad was over helping me move furniture back and forth to mum’s and even helped with her garden and disassemble a few pieces of her own in the house (spare beds etc).
Not only was I proud that dad put aside his pride to help me and even my mum, I was proud that the two of them could hold civil conversations and actually get on for the first time in over 3 years of bitterness.

There are SO many other things that I’m proud of, and I’m assuming that I am supposed to share something that I am proud of about myself, but today was so unexpected and it made me appreciate my parents even more than I already do.

PS. If I had to pick something that I am proud of for myself it would be that I am starting to really take responsibility for my own actions and flaws and that I have been making a conscious effort to overcome said flaws.
Love, Angela.


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