2016 Year Review!

2016 Year Review!

Hello everyone!

Firstly, let me take a moment to apologise to Kylie Jenner for the extreme amount of doubt I had when she made her predictions on 2016 because let’s be honest, Kylie Jenner had the most accurant description of 2016 – well, for me anyway.


2016 was a whirlwind year full of so many highs and lows but mainly it was a year that I feel has really changed me. I feel different, I look different and I feel that I have really opened my eyes to what is important to me.

On new years day, my boyfriend and I packed up our things in our old house and moved to a home closer to the beach and closer to my mum, and even though this house is at least 30 years older than our previous one, we have never been happier and it just left like home.Once all the packing and moving was done and over with I went back to work in my relatively new job at that point.


In February I turned 21! I headed into the city and to Crown Casino for a night of fun however somehow I managed to be put onto Mum duties for my overly drunk friends and my night was cut a lot shorter than I had intended.
I remember going home and crying for three hours straight because I didn’t get to enjoy my night and it was nothing how I had wanted it to go (oh woe is me – get over yourself Angela lol) so the next morning I went online and bought a 32 piece set of makeup brushes from Morphe for a little bit of retail therapy.


In April I took a leap out of my comfort zone and created my youtube channel!

Untitled design (1).jpg

In May it was my mum’s birthday and mothers day! I decided to spoil her with a trip to the Peninsula Hot Springs! We headed off in the morning and once we got there we were welcomed by the lovely staff and shown to our lockers. Once we had put all of our things away we went out to the hot pools and just allowed ourselves to unwind. After maybe two hours going back and forth between the hot temperatures we went in for a shower and headed of to our private massages. oh, what a day it was! I could never recommend the Peninsula Hot Springs enough! If you are ever comming to Melbourne I would recommend taking a day out of your itinerary for a day there because it is just something you really need to experience to appreciate.

Also in May it was my 4th anniversary with my boyfriend! We didn’t do anything extravagant this year and opted to enjoy a nice dinner at home together, but during the day we went chocolate tasting and shopping at the Emporium which was lovely.


The next moment in my life was trivial, as most of our problems are, but it gave me a wake up call to stop focusing on what people think of me.

Somehow, whenever I invite people or am invited to coffee, or to a bar, or to lunch, someone somewhere is always ready to spread nasty rumours about me to anyone who will listen because they weren’t invited. What are we, back in highschool?

Let me make this clear, if I invite you to literally over 11 things and you decline every single time or ignore the invitation I’m going to stop bothering. Otherwise, it’s a genuine accident and as soon as I have realised there is someone who I have forgotten I message them straight away! There’s even been two occasions where I have just bumped into a girlfriend out at the shop and had that turned into “Angela went out with this person there and didn’t invite me”…like come on! It’s not like you invited me to your birthday? It’s not like you have sent me a message or said hello on your own accord in OVER a year. How bloody entitled can people be?!

Anyway, once I had heard what these people were saying it really took a hit on me. Once again spent days crying and talking to my best friends and questioning myself until I just wiped my face and asked myself why am I letting this get to me? I hadn’t done anything wrong and with everything going on with my family drama I sure as hell didn’t need this on my plate either. I used to let what people though of me control me, and of course it still does to a certain degree, but it used to be honestly so crippling and I would hide myself and just become a shell and say or do things people wanted me to even if it wasn’t something that I wanted to. I’m still learning to come out of that shell and it’s a heck of a process but starting up my youtube and blog has honestly been amazing for my self-confidence and learning how to express myself in my own way again.

Anyway, the short of it is I decided to stop putting what others thought of me before what I thought of me and it was the BEST decision I have made all year.


Now we are here, the last day of 2016 and I’m ready to take all of my experiences and move forward with myself and see how this next year plays out! I’m so excited for the year ahead and working towards reaching my goals.

Wishing you all a new year full of health, happiness and kindness.


Love, Angela xo.



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