Moving in together: The Pros & Cons

Moving in together: The Pros & Cons

Moving in together is one of the  most exciting and nerve-wracking milestones in a relationship.

It can also quiet literally be the make or break to see if you are completely compatible.

Personally, moving in with my boyfriend of 4.5 years was one of the best decisions that we ever made for our relationship. We became a lot closer and secure in our relationship.
That being said, I can’t stress to you enough that you don’t really know someone until you have lived with them.

Sure you know them, but you aren’t around each other 24/7 to pick up on their little habits that could drive you crazy! For me, it’s something as simple as having Haden clink his spoon against his bowl every. single. time. that he scoops a spoonful of cereal every morning. It drives me absolutely bonkers!

I could go on and on and on with endless pros and cons but I’ve narrowed it down to 5 of each. Hopefully this list will be of some use to you!

So if you and your partner are thinking about taking the next step and moving out together good luck and congratulations!!

Love, Angela xo


  • Your bills are literally halved! With an extra income you will be able to upgrade on so many things! Maybe a bigger apartment, or a nicer TV for example; having that extra help will take a lot of financial stress off your mind… and your purse.
  • Extra support when you need it.You will have someone to look after you when you are sick and do the handy jobs around the house, like catching spiders and creepy crawlies for instance.
  • More time together! Living together goes hand-in-hand with being able to spend more time together. You’ll have someone to wake up to in the morning and it will cut out the wasted time commuting to each others houses.
  • Privacy! One of the big positives to moving out together, especially if you have both been living with your respective families! No more awkward walk-ins. Phew.
  • You have someone to binge watch Netflix with! Now all of those nights of binge watching Suits and the Harry Potter movies alone doesn’t seem so lonely because you have someone to watch them all with!



  • You REALLY get to know them. Which sounds like a pro, yes? Well it is, BUT it’s a bit of a double edged sword. You will see their habits, routines and traits that you wouldn’t normally see if you weren’t living with someone. Whether it’s that they leave all their dirty washing on the bathroom floor, channel surf on the TV like no tomorrow or leave their dishes on the table, you will see these little things that either you never knew about or never really gave much thought to constantly, and in all honestly it’s these little things that can make living together the most challenging and cause bickering.
  • You will see each other at your worst! You are going to see each other at your very worst and most unattractive moments! Sick, stomach flu, exhausted, sleep deprived, stressed, angry, jealous and anything else you could possibly imagine.
  • It hard to keep your personal privacy. Say goodbye to trying to hide your pads and tampons and all things that are not so sexy but totally necessary- it’s just going to be a waste of effort and embarrassment because he will figure it out anyway
  • Try not to get too comfortable. You must be thinking to yourself ‘why wouldn’t you want to get comfortable?’ and you do want to be comfortable in your own home and with your partner, however, it’s so unbelievably easy to get stuck into a routine and end up in a situation where you both get to an almost roommate mentality…  the most important point I can stress to you, and it’s something that we personally have struggled with, is that you mustn’t forget to spend QUALITY time together… seeing each other and spending your time in different rooms doing different things does NOT count and once your stuck in that routine it can be very hard to break out of it.
  • The bed and blanket fight! Need I say anything for this point? Trust me, unless you sleep separately this one is bound to come up! At our place we have to have two blankets on the bed!

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